Cold War Conversations came about following discussion with my good friend Shane Whaley who publishes the Spybrary Podcast. We talked about our joint interest in the former East Germany and the Cold War generally and lack of english audio information available and thus Cold War Conversations was born.

I myself was born in the UK in the 1960s with the threat of nuclear war was an ever present shadow looming in the background of my childhood. Despite having conservative parents we holidayed in Czechoslovakia and Poland in the 1980s and I also visited Berlin before the Wall fell in May 1989 and recently returned to Prague 37 years after my last visit!

This period has always been a constant fascination for me, particularly about what life was like on both sides during this period. Not only for those on the front line, but also those just trying to get on with their lives.

Our aim to keep the interviews conversational, and our goal is  to encourage people to learn more about the Cold War, particularly the lesser known aspects that might otherwise be ignored or forgotten.

I’m also hoping that over time we’ll build an oral archive of those who lived through and experienced the Cold War first hand.